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Max shaves Jay

Max George shaved Jay McGuiness’ hair while he was drunk.

Jay shocked fans when he appeared on stage last week in the UK sporting a newly shaved hair style.

The 23–year-old singer normally has a head full of curly hair, usually with a beanie hat on top.

"I actually cut it on a drunken night in and I think it looks alright. It was impromptu, but I think he's looking pretty smart,” Max confessed to Digital Spy.

Following the incident, Max gathered the shorn hair and put it away for later use.

Failing to find a bag, he put the hair in a sock and during a gig threw it into the crowd for fans to catch.

“I couldn't find a bag, so I just used whatever I could find,” he laughed. “I actually saw a picture of the girl who got it and she'd obviously had a fight over it because it was ripped to shreds, but she managed to keep hold of the hair.”

The lucky winner posted a picture of herself on Twitter with her prize.

Fortunately there was no cat fighting over who won Jay’s hair, as Max admitted he’d feel guilty if someone got hurt trying to grab the goods.

The band recently revealed that their long awaited new album Word Of Mouth will be released next month, with a world tour to follow in 2014.

The album has taken the boys two years to make, but Max promises fans that it will be worth the wait.

“Sorry it’s taken 2 years guys. Thank you so much for your patience and unbelievable support x (sic)” he earlier tweeted.

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