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Tuesday 29 July 2014

Mayall: I beat Jesus Christ 5-3

Rik Mayall nearly died after a quad bike accident

Rik Mayall's role in the new Jonathan Creek drama sees him back on wheels, exactly 15 years after the quad bike accident that nearly killed him.

Easter is always a significant time of year for The Young Ones star as that is when he had his accident, and the new episode of Jonathan Creek featuring his character on a mobility scooter will be shown on Easter Monday.

Rik, 55, had the quad bike accident in 1998. He said: "As you know, Jesus our Lord was nailed to the cross on Good Friday. The day before that is C**p Thursday, and that's the day Rik Mayall died. And then he was dead on Good Friday, Saturday, Sunday until Bank Holiday Monday.

"I'd been medically dead for all of those days and the doctors said to my wife Barbara, 'OK we've kept him alive for five days now and there's no sign of any independent life'.

"There's a little screen next to me with a dead line and the doctor said, 'If there's any sign of life within the next hour we'll keep him plugged up but if not, we'll take the plugs out and let him die'.

"So Barbara is sitting next to me going, 'Come on, die you b******, I want the money'. But sure enough, during the hour, this line went 'bleep... bleep' and he started showing signs of independent life.

"So I came back to life. I was dead for five days over Easter, which means 2000 years later, I beat Jesus Christ 5-3."

Rik, who plays Jonathan Creek's DI Gideon Pryke, who has been disabled since his last appearance, said: "The quad bike only had three wheels, Pryke's had six wheels, so that's twice the risk of death, and I risked it.

"I was brilliant on that bike. I've got one sexy little exit on it too - I went off camera, straight into a policeman and nearly broke his leg at 4,000mph!"

:: Jonathan Creek: The Clue Of The Savant's Thumb is on BBC One on Monday, April 1.

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