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Mayer 'goes mad at Brand'

John Mayer reportedly gave Russell Brand "a piece of his mind" after he slammed Katy Perry during a stand-up show recently.

During a recent stand-up show, comedian Russell claimed that he would think "of anyone, anyone else" while having sex with Katy. He also said he had felt like a monk during their 14-month marriage.

John is believed to be fuming about Russell's comments and doesn't want to see his girlfriend hurt any further.

"He asked Katy for his email so he could give Russell a piece of his mind," a source told British magazine Grazia.

According to the publication, singer-songwriter John wrote a message to Katy's ex-husband, asking him not to use his failed marriage to Katy as material for his stand-up shows.

"John made it very clear that if Russell said anything else, he would have him to deal with," the source added.

Russell apparently made the cruel comments in retaliation. He was seemingly left upset after Katy claimed he had ended their marriage via a text message in December 2011 and said she hadn't heard from him since.

"Russell was really annoyed at Katy for saying that. So there's a chance he could be making his own comments as a form of revenge," an insider explained.

Katy has now found happiness with musician John and is eager to get on with her life. She is hoping Russell will soon feel the same way and put the past behind him.

"It frustrates her that Russell insists on dragging up their relationship for the sake of his shows, reopening old wounds," said a source. "She's moved on and wishes he would too."

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