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McAdams got stocking at 34

Rachel McAdams has finally decided to ditch traditional Christmas stockings.

The Canadian actress has discussed her close bond with her mother Sandra. Rachel loves getting together with loved ones over the holidays, but admits she and her two siblings have outgrown certain traditions.

"I'm 35, this year. In terms of Christmas traditions, we finally ditched the stockings last year, which was very hard for my mother," she smiled to Collider. "But last year, we said, 'We're not doing it this year.' She was like, 'What do you mean?! Just one more year. Your brother will be very upset.' My brother was like, 'It's fine.'"

Rachel’s mom always goes to great lengths to make each Christmas special. She is an expert at hunting down the perfect gifts and enjoyed filling her children's Yuletide stockings with thoughtful presents.

"She's so sweet. She really takes the time to find the most special little things for our stockings," Rachel explained. "Every year, she says, 'We're not doing stockings next year. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of buying you all these little things that you never use.'"

Although The Notebook star has chosen to pack away the Christmas stockings this year, she is confident they will reappear in the near future.

"The stockings are gone, which is sad, but we'll bring them back when we all have kids," she said.

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