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McAdams: I need to see my food

Rachel McAdams is sure "crazy stuff" happens when people eat at restaurants in complete darkness.

The actress shot a restaurant scene for romantic comedy About Time in the pitch black. She admits it was totally unnerving not to be able to see anything or know what she was about to eat.

"We did a test run at the actual restaurant, Dans le Noir, in London to get a feel for it because we shot it in very dim light, but you could still see our faces. We had to pretend that we couldn’t see, and we were all miserable at it. It was so hard not to just want to look at your fork. It’s weird to hit your face with food," she recalled to Collider. "I’d heard about those restaurants and I was really excited about it, up until the moment where I had to plunge into darkness. It was a real test for me to not freak out, at any moment, and try to get out of there, but it was interesting. It must be what it really feels like to be blind... [The waiters] are all actually blind. I’m sure all kinds of crazy stuff happens."

Rachel had to let go of her suspicious nature and embrace the experience. The 34-year-old star realised it was a great test of how trusting she is.

"I love it, as an idea... But, the experience at the actual restaurant was intense. It was really weird. They could really pull one over on you," she smiled. "Everything is called surprise, too. It’s veggie surprise, seafood surprise, meat surprise or surprise surprise. I went with veggie because that seemed safest, but it was the hardest to guess because it was Polenta."

Rachel was also quizzed about one of her most memorable movies, The Notebook. Starring alongside Ryan Gosling in the 2004 romantic film catapulted Rachel to fame, and she will always have fond memories of the experience.

"Oh, I think it will always hold a special place in my heart, yeah... And the amount of men that come up and confess that they secretly like the movie just delights me, to no end," she laughed. "I never get enough of that. Or the women who rat out their husbands."

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