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Saturday 19 April 2014

McAdams: I'll love again

Rachel McAdams

Rachel McAdams is confident people can find love several times throughout their lives.

The Canadian actress previously dated her The Notebook co-star Ryan Gosling and more recently actor Josh Lucas and Welsh star Michael Sheen.

Despite her relationships coming to an end, Rachel is still confident there is romance in her future.

"I think yes, for sure," she replied, when asked by website whether it is possible to love more than once. "I don't think there's a hundred times but, yeah, you can... there's room in life for more than one love. I would hope there's room for more."

The 34-year-old beauty continued to discuss her outlook on love. She feels there are different types depending on the people involved.

"Some people have that spark immediately and it stays," she explained. "For others, the love deepens as time goes by. More often than not, that spark can go more quickly than if you spread it over the years. And love changes so much."

Rachel grew up in London, Ontario, with her parents Sandra and Lance and younger siblings Kayleen and Daniel. She remembers how many road trips they would take as a family and misses home more than ever since she has found fame.

"[My dad would get us in the car and] see where it could take us - we would drive to Florida, even though it would take us three days. I've had the opportunity to travel and live elsewhere, so I don't wonder what it would be like to live somewhere else," she recalled.

"I really appreciate the opportunity to come home and have something familiar. I have community. Maybe, but I grew up in a smaller town, so I think I might even go back that way. It's funny - you think, 'I can't wait to get out of this little town,' and then, as you get older, you find yourself gravitating back towards where you started."

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