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McAvoy: Fear breeds madness

James McAvoy has revealed how he manages to relate to depraved characters.

The actor stars in Filth, a gritty tale of drug abuse based on the novel by Irvine Welsh.

He had to film some intense scenes for the movie, but the 34-year-old always tries to find a way to relate to his character - no matter how depraved.

"I wasn't disturbed by anything - except there was a scene where I had to pretend to force a 15-year-old girl to give me a b**w j*b. That was absolutely harrowing to do. She wasn't 15, she was 21, an amazing actress, but that was horrible," he admitted to Cover Media.

"You try to identify what is making them behave that way. For me that was fear, and you ask yourself: What fears do I have? What would happen to me if I lost control of those fears? Would that make me insane? And it would."

James has played his fair share of dark characters, including troubled Hamlet in a Shakespeare adaptation for TV.

The star revealed what draws him towards these kinds of roles.

"The opportunity to make people look at a side of ourselves that they wouldn't normally examine, and maybe cast some light on it and entertain them and make them interested," he shared.

"The film condemns his actions, but we do ask you to feel some sympathy, to wonder what it might be like to be in his shoes."

Filth also stars Imogen Poots and Jamie Bell and hits cinemas worldwide from October 3.

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