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McAvoy played it cool when he met Radcliffe

Actor James McAvoy misses the stage when he's working on a film.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Hollywood star James McAvoy resisted turning into a fan boy when he first met Daniel Radcliffe.

The two thespians are gearing up for the November (15) release of their new film Victor Frankenstein, which tells the story of Mary Shelley's famous monster.

Their paths had rarely crossed prior to the movie, although James can recall being in close proximity to the Harry Potter star once before.

"I remember there was a time when we were making X-Men: First Class in Pinewood and you came by - I think to say to Nick (Hoult) and I saw you there but I didn't want to come over because I had this weird thing, like, 'Ah, man, he always gets crowded. I don't wanna be crowding him,'" James laughed to Empire, in an interview with Daniel.

It wasn't until Victor Frankenstein director Paul McGuigan got them both together to rehearse the script in New York that they finally met properly.

Both of the film actors also relish the chance to perform on stage.

"Yeah definitely [I miss the stage when I'm filming]. I don't know how you feel, Daniel, but - to get w**ky about it - you're still unlocking the mysteries of the play even win the last performance, 150 shows in, you know?" James mused.

Whether the 36-year-old Scot finds himself on stage or screen, there's one thing he likes to keep consistent; shocking his audience.

"I really like offending people! On film I've done it a little bit and in theatre I've done it a little bit more. It's just nice to kind of f**k with people and make them sit through something they don't think they're capable of sitting through.

"But not for the wrong reasons," he quickly added.

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