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McCarthy: I don’t dwell on fame

Melissa McCarthy “still can’t believe” how successful her acting career has become.

The 44-year-old actress really made her mark on the acting world with her role in 2011 comedy Bridesmaids. Since then, she has worked with a wealth of stars including Sandra Bullock, Jude Law and Bill Murray but the star insists she hasn’t let her fame go to her head.

“I don’t dwell on it. I finish one job and go on to the next. I always assume a day-and-a-half from now, I’ll never work again,” she told British newspaper The Guardian. “I was pretty happy with just being a working actor. To be able to let go of all my side jobs was the big goal. But now… To be able to work with exactly who I want to work with, my God, I can’t really put into words how it feels because I still can’t believe it’s happening.”

Melissa has shown her versatility recently, having helped write and produce 2014 flick Tammy as well as the movie she is currently working on Michelle Darnell. She also showed her dramatic side in St Vincent and the mother-of-two admits she is thrilled with the path her career is taking.

“Whatever little thing I do now has a bit of value,” she smiled. “I love to pitch things and I have enough of a voice now that I can say, ‘Can I play the part like this? Is this weird?’ Someone may say no, but my brain works in a way that you see blue and I see green, but maybe orange is what will work.”

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