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McCarthy on finding love

Jenny McCarthy gave herself a year off from dating to figure out what she wanted.

The model and TV presenter has been dating New Kids on the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg since July last year.

But before that the star decided to spend a year as a singleton.

“I came to realize I don’t need a lover in my life to have a love in my life,” she told US OK Magazine. “I was in search for a lover for so long, and this past year, before I met Donnie, I literally went on a year hiatus of dating. I said ‘I’m just not going on any dates.’ I’m going to figure out something.”

Jenny was married for six years to actor and director John Mallory Asher and they had a son Evan Joseph together.

After her divorce, Jenny dated funny man Jim Carrey for five years but they split up in April 2010.

Following her last relationship, Jenny acknowledged she needed to change the pattern of her life.

“I had a shift, I had a realization of changing the pattern, and literally, I was sitting in my bedroom thinking about love, and I realized ‘what am I doing? Why am I thinking I need a lover?’ I don’t need a lover to have love in my life. I love myself. I love my son. I love my sisters. They love me. Why do I think I’m lacking anything when it’s all right here? That helped me,” she explained.

Jenny met Donnie on the set of her now cancelled chat show, The Jenny McCarthy Show.

But despite being blissfully happy now, Jenny believes that taking time off from dating was what she needed.

“I think it makes you reset,” she said. “That’s what I realized I needed to do.”

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