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McCarthy prefers stay-home hubby

Melissa McCarthy is happy to "switch" with her husband Ben Falcone to look after their children while one of them is working.

The 43-year-old star has been married to actor Ben Falcone since 2005 and the couple have daughters Georgette and Vivian together. Over the years they have starred in several movies together, including hit comedy Bridesmaids in 2001.

Although they both share the role of parenting, Melissa admits she'd rather her spouse stay close than jet off for a feature.

“I’m against it,” she told Variety of Ben travelling to film. “Eventually, I know we’ll switch. He’ll direct something, and I’ll take the kids and go with him.”

Ben doesn't see it as a positive opportunity either, and would rather stay close to Melissa and their kids.

“I get scripts for stuff that she’s not in," he added. “We’re here in Budapest. If it shoots in Austin or wherever, how am I going to see my kids? How do I leave my wife and kids for four months? It doesn’t sound appealing.”

Both stars appear in upcoming movie Tammy, which Ben also penned and marked his directorial debut with. It was six years ago when he came up with the concept for the film and Melissa remembers the moment when her husband pitched her the storyline, which she helped him co-write.

“He literally came downstairs one morning and said, ‘I had a dream about something,’ just bleary-eyed,” she recalled. “He said, ‘I think I’m going to write a movie where you take a road trip with your grandma, and she sleeps around.’ The more we talked about it, it kind of became real.”

It seems Ben only had his wife in mind when dreaming up the title character. He plays Keith in the feature and Susan Sarandon takes on the humorous role of Tammy's grandma Pearl.

“I always thought she could channel the Midwestern lady,” Ben said of his wife. “I never imagined who else it could be.”

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