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McConaughey: Garner is elegant

Matthew McConaughey has heaped praise on his Dallas Buyers Club co-star Jennifer Garner.

The actor features opposite the former Alias star in new movie Dallas Buyers Club, about a Texan electrician's battle with the medical establishment after being diagnosed as HIV-positive.

Jennifer plays Dr. Eve Saks in the Jean-Marc Vallée drama.

Matthew, who previously worked with the actress on 2009's Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, says having Jennifer as a scene partner is always a breeze.

"There's not an affectation with her. She's got a difficult role. One thing you always know with her is that she honestly cares at a very human, base level. That's what makes it elegant to work with her," he told Backstage magazine.

The pair also work alongside Jared Leto, who plays a transgender HIV patient named Rayon.

Matthew had preconceived notions about working with the 30 Seconds to Mars rocker. He feared Jared's method acting would interfere with filming but it didn't take long for the 43-year-old to change his mind.

"That can be complicated if somebody's got idiosyncrasies that are getting in the way of making the movie. And I've worked with those people. They're being so Method, they're overcomplicating the process," Matthew said. "His was simple. I met him, and there's Rayon walking into the room... There was no energy sucking going on."

Jared had taken some time off to focus on his music career. He admitted feeling a little rusty and was anxious about returning to film.

"Not having worked for five or six years, I was intent on doing the very best job that I could. Maybe a better actor, when the director yelled 'Action,' could have recalled the behaviour and the dialect and all of the stuff inside," he said.

Dallas Buyers Club hits US cinemas November 1.

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