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McConaughey: I’m spiritual

Matthew McConaughey always wants to stay "connected" to his past and future.

The American actor is married to Brazilian model Camila Alves and the couple have three children together.

When he isn't in front of the camera playing intense roles in movies, Matthew makes time to stop and think about his life.

Quizzed on how he manages to lead a "zen" life, the handsome star shared his rituals.

"Sometimes I find that through exercise, or through prayer, or just by ensuring I get rest. The family life helps; we try and stop as often as we can, take a minute with God and say thank you. It gives me perspective and helps keep me connected to my past and where I'm going," he explained to British magazine Stylist.

"Also, I'm not advertising for anything - it's easy to be at peace when you know what you know and don't know what you don't. I'm not trying to put on airs for anybody. I'm only trying to impress myself by doing the best job I can do."

Matthew's portrayal of real-life AIDS sufferer Ron Woodruff in Dallas Buyers Club has already gained him a Golden Globe Award for best actor. He has also been nominated for the same prize at this year's Oscars.

Ron passed away in 1992 so the 44-year-old actor and the rest of the crew - including director Jean-Marc Vallée and co-stars Jared Leto and Jennifer Garner - turned to his family for feedback.

"We told them - this is not word for word what Ron did, but if I can capture his spirit and his rage and his will to survive. They understood that. It must have been superbly overwhelming [to watch] - this was their son, brother and father; his whole life put into two hours - but they reacted very favourably," Matthew recalled.

"[If I'd been dealt Ron's hand] I'd like to think I'd have the same fervour and will to stay alive. Ron had a 7th grade [UK year 8] education but found out more than many doctors. He was a hustler, smuggler and wild outlaw and I love that, in staying alive, he still loved his Cadillac and gold watches."

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