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McConaughey longed for steak meetings

Matthew McConaughey thinks working on Dallas Buyers Club was especially painful because he missed his favourite steak eatery.

The actor lost 50lbs for his part in Dallas Buyers Club and was amazed by how much he thought about food.

Playing an AIDS victim in the 80s flick meant he had to base most of his other business in the house and he survived with three hours less sleep than usual each night.

"It was big transformation … it was a damn spiritual cleanse, man," he told Entertainment Tonight. "You're reminded how often you think about the next meal through the day. … You don't go have meetings at your favourite steak house either – you have 'em right at home with your little meal right in front of you."

Matthew’s wife gave birth to their third child Livingston in December and the tot is brother to their kids Levi, four, and three-year-old Vida.

He was spotted out and about with his family as they enjoyed an unrestrictive meal plan during his filming.

Matthew is clearly a big fan of steak and even got Estancia Churrascaria, a Brazilian steak house, to cater his wedding to Camila Alves last June.

But he gave it up to play Texas electrician and rodeo rider Ron Woodruff, a hell-raising, homophobe who is given a 30-day death sentence after learning of his disease.

The character tries an experimental treatment secretly and turns it into a business along the way.

Jennifer Garner and Jared Leto also appear in the flick out from November.

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