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McConaughey’s jungle awakening

Matthew McConaughey took extreme measures to learn how to deal with overnight fame.

The Oscar-winner has been one of the most sought after leading men in Hollywood for years. But the 45-year-old found it hard to deal with his new found fame following the overnight success of A Time to Kill in 1996. Typically, Matthew had an altogether unique way of processing the situation, by hightailing it to the jungle on a one-man expedition.

“I was sick, literally, and of myself," the Interstellar star told People magazine. "Maybe it had something to do with getting my mind and body back in balance after losing my anonymity to the overnight success of my first starring role and becoming famous overnight. Maybe it was Montezuma's revenge. Both were true."

The father-of-three shared the story as one of the ten moments that changed his life. He recalled persevering through extreme vomiting to find something of an awakening.

“I noticed the same wet, brown path I'd been hiking for weeks was suddenly glowing with blues and greens and pink colours like I had never seen before, there or anywhere. Looking closer, I noticed the colours were actually that of thousands of butterflies on the tropical floor," he added. "I don't know exactly what or how it happened but at that moment I felt like a new man. Lighter.”

The True Detective actor is known for his quirky views and comments on life. And it seems like the South American adventure, which he described as “magical” could have been where his unique turn of phrase started.

“The thought of going home and the weight on my shoulders were lifted and out loud, to no one in particular, I said, 'I want what I can see, and all I can see is right in front of me,’” he recalled.

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