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Friday 18 April 2014

McConaughey's kids puzzled by weight loss

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey's children continually quizzed him about why his neck was "getting so long" when he dieted for a film.

The actor shed 50 pounds to portray a man with HIV in Dallas Buyers Club, taking him down to 135 pounds. Now the shoot has wrapped he is carefully regaining the weight, much to the relief of those around him.

The star's mother was particularly unhappy with his svelte frame, while his children couldn't understand what was happening. He has three kids with his wife Camila Alves, Levi, four, three-year-old Vida and Livingstone, who was born in December.

"I have put on 27 pounds," he told at the Sundance Film Festival. "My mom didn't like the weight loss, but she gives me hell about all kinds of stuff. And the only thing the kids said was, 'Papa, why is your neck getting so long?'"

Matthew has previously admitted he couldn't wait to sit down to a cheeseburger once he'd finished filming.

He has been at the Utah film event promoting his movie Mud, about two young boys who vow to help a man who is fleeing from the law. Matthew enjoyed a three course meal in honour of the movie - shot before his weight loss - over the weekend and discussed how his changing body shape has affected him. The star is sports mad and known for his buff physique, but hinted he won't be beefing up so much in the future.

"You're cleansed, [my body] was hyper aware," he explained.

"I saw the Mud trailer and thought I was huge. It felt like such a long time ago."

To lose weight, Matthew's diet consisted of fruit for breakfast and five ounces of fish with vegetables for lunch and dinner. He was also allowed some red wine and now he's putting the pounds back on he is being just as careful.

"Matthew is on a special diet to put on weight," an insider told New York Post. "He's eating fish because it's healthier."

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