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McConaughey's marriage research

Matthew McConaughey consulted his pastor and people who had been "successfully married for decades" before tying the knot.

The 44-year-old actor and Camila Alves have three children together and married in 2012, having been together for six years. He's previously admitted that Camila was initially the driving force behind their union, with Matthew now explaining just how seriously he took preparations for their marriage vows.

"By getting married we made a covenant together, which is a very good word meaning we don't necessarily become one person, but we do promise ourselves to each other," he told British magazine Hello! "Before we went into that covenant, my now wife and I sure did take a lot of time to question it and study it; we talked to couple who have been successfully married for decades, we talked to our pastor, we looked at different histories of marriage to see just what it is about and what it means."

Matthew is pleased he and Camila took those steps, as it made them realise how much they wanted to enter a union. He now sees their marriage as the beginning of a completely new adventure, which he believes is more "glorious" than people can imagine.

It's not just the actor's personal life which is doing well at the moment. Professionally he's riding a high too, having won an Oscar for Dallas Buyers Club earlier this year and being praised for his role in Christopher Nolan's new film Interstellar.

It was actually his family which got him interested in the new flick, as it's about space travel and his six-year-old son Levi is fascinated by the subject. He also has daughter Vida and youngest son Livingston.

"Then part of the reason I was so interested in Interstellar was that my son got very into the solar system, and for months I was answering questions about what it was and how we revolve around the sun and the moon revolves around us," he explained.

"By answering these questions my own sense of wonder got piqued. And it was great that it meant my children got to come on set, because they loved it."

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