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McGiffin: I still love a party!

Former Loose Woman Carol McGiffin has opened up about her cancer battle.

In February the 55-year-old former Loose Women presenter announced she was battling the disease, undergoing radiotherapy, chemotherapy and a double mastectomy.

Now she's finally free of the cancer and embracing life, revealing it's the little things like having dinner with friends that make her happy.

"I don't go out as much as I used to, but I still love a party - I'm not going to start knitting yet!" she grinned to Closer magazine's New You supplement.

While she can smile again now, treatment was tough and took more out of her than she'd thought possible. Even once she was done, it wasn't the magical feeling she'd imagined.

"I'd thought that as soon as I finished the treatment it would be like 'whoosh, I feel all right,' but it took a long time," she admitted.

"The chemo was an insurance policy. The first round was a piece of cake, but the effects are cumulative so, by the time you get to the sixth one, you feel absolutely shocking. It knocked me for six, but I tried to carry on as normal. When I absolutely couldn't, I gave into it and, in a weird way, I enjoyed giving into it."

Friends and family rallied around Carol to see her through, but she was very conscious of not talking about cancer constantly and allowing the disease to "take over".

Her fiancé Mark Cassidy has been her rock throughout.

"Mark offered to shave his head, too, but I said: 'Don't be daft - it won't make me feel any better seeing you with no hair!' For me, it seemed the natural thing to do because when big chunks of your hair come out, it looks scary," she said.

The couple plan to wed at some point, but for now the focus is on enjoying life.

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