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Meg Ryan talks her 'struggle'

Meg Ryan didn't realise that most people struggle with personal baggage as a teenager and often felt her own issues affected her confidence.

As a teenager the Hollywood actress often felt alone with the problems she was going through, not realising that everyone has issues at some point.

Meg opened up to British newspaper The Sun on her teenage years.

"I wish I had known at 18 that everyone is struggling with something in their life - past or present," she revealed. "It would have helped to know when I was struggling with my own stuff. I can remember days when I did not have confidence or days I could not communicate.

"I did not know at 18 that everyone is trying to juggle their life. We all do weird things when we're in our teens."

Meg initially tried for a career in journalism, before turning her attention to acting.

She became a household name thanks to roles in romantic movies such as When Harry Met Sally, You've Got Mail and Sleepless in Seattle, which is being re-released on Valentine's Day to mark its 21st anniversary.

It wasn't until the 52-year-old actress had spent more than a decade in the industry that she finally realised other people function while contending with their own problems.

"My own personal discovery did not come until my thirties, when I attended Alcoholics Anonymous meetings to research a character for When a Man Loves a Woman, released in 1994. People stood up and spoke about their feelings. It was amazing, because I was listening and sympathising," she explained.

"Always, at some point, I would look at a person and think, 'You survived all that?' I was impressed with how liberating talking about yourself could be. The subject matter of that film also seemed to make everyone around me want to talk about their problems during filming itself, whether it was their marriage, partner or their parents."

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