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Megan Fox: I'm a rad mom

Megan Fox doesn’t think her sons will ever think she’s cool, but hopes her role in her new movie will impress them.

The stunning actress is making a return to cinema screens after taking a two-year break to raise sons Bodhi, born in February, and 20-month-old Noah.

As well as fulfilling a childhood fantasy, Megan snapped up the chance to play news anchor April O'Neil to impress her little ones, who she has with her husband Brian Austin Green.

“I wanted to do this movie because I was a fan as a kid, obviously, but also I wanted to do it because I think I anticipate that my sons will be like, ‘My mom is April O’Neil!’” Megan enthused to Access Hollywood. “I’m sure that won’t happen, because no matter what I do for work, I’m still always just their mom and I’m never gonna be cool.

“But I hope that like, maybe when they’re 25, they’ll look back and be like, ‘That was pretty rad,’ because you know, if my dad had been in Point Break, I would be like, ‘That’s amazing!’”

Megan, 28, has spoken recently about her crush on one of the green turtles and further opened up about why the fictional cartoon character has always done it for her.

The hit kids' show was one of the most popular cartoons on TV during the ‘80s and followed the adventures of crime fighting turtles Michelangelo, Raphael, Donatello and Leonardo.

“He was my first crush, Michaelangelo,” Megan laughed. “He just represents what I like, I guess, in people. He was the easy going, like, bohemian surfer guy.

“He was funny, he was a comic relief. You could always count on Mikey to make you smile no matter what villains they were fighting and what they were up against and I need that in life.”

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