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Megan Fox: Wit is sexy

Megan Fox is attracted to "really funny" people.

The gorgeous actress is enlivened by dynamic personalities.

Megan finds folks that are graced with a great sense of humour compelling.

"For me sexy is... I like people who are really funny and have a strong, witty personality -- that to me is always sexy," she told ET Online.

Megan is comfortable with walking out in public despite how she looks or what she's wearing.

"I mean, you have a team of people who take care of you, so the pressure is off," she joked. "They do what they do and if it doesn't look good it's their fault, not mine."

Megan is intrigued by why some of her fans believe that she's a bad girl.

"I think they want me to be naughty... that's more interesting," she explained. "You know, it's not as interesting if someone is more domestic, or if someone is geeky or dorky or shy. They want you to be somebody that they can love to hate. And if you are likable or normal, that's not really as interesting."

Megan is rumoured to be currently expecting her first child with husband of nearly two years Brian Austin Green.

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