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Mel B has festive blowout

Mel B “wasn’t happy” when her husband arrived home with four Christmas trees.

The 38-year-old star is celebrating the festive season with her husband Stephen Belafonte, their three daughters and his daughter from a previous relationship.

In preparation for getting their home ready Mel was surprised when her spouse sneaked behind her back to purchase several centrepieces.

“The kids love Christmas. Stephen is already driving me mad – he went and bought four big Christmas trees. I wasn’t happy about that!” she laughed to Britain's Closer magazine. “I do the tree-shopping and decorating and he does the cooking. The naughty man – he was in the dog house for that one!”

Although she and her clan live in Los Angeles they will be spending Christmas Day itself in Africa. The family were invited out there by the President of Rwanda Paul Kagame and they can’t wait for the experience.

“We’ve got this whole amazing trip planned. I know his son and daughter because they live in the US, and they invited us out there,” she explained. “We will have our own Christmas in LA before we leave, with stockings, presents and a big roast dinner, then we’ll get out bags packed. We have a safari planned too – so the kids are excited.”

Even now she has children and has settled down Mel insists she still has a fun, wild side.

“I don’t feel like I want to be in my slippers at night and in bed at 8pm at any point soon,” she mused. “Ageing doesn’t worry me at all and I don’t feel like I’m looking old yet. I’m lucky that I’ve got a lot of younger friends that feels me youthful. Rita Ora has become a good pal and she’s cool.”

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