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Sunday 20 April 2014

Mel B spending Christmas in Rwanda

Mel B will celebrate Christmas in Rwanda

Mel B will apparently be spending Christmas with the President of Rwanda.

The former Spice Girl is friends with the African leader's adult children and has been invited to spend the holidays with them there, reported the Daily Mirror.

Mel said her three children are looking forward to seeing the animals, such as lions and tigers, in Rwanda.

"Christmas is different every year," she said. "Last year we were in Australia and it was lovely but this year we've decided to go to Rwanda. We've got this amazing trip planned and we're staying with the president, Paul Kagame.

"I know his son and daughter because they live in New York and they're adorable people. They invited us out there."

She went on: "I said to the kids do you want to go to Africa and see lions, tigers and bears, or stay at home and watch TV all day? It was a no brainer."

However, Mel said she and her family would probably be keeping some of their own traditions despite being away for the holidays.

"We will probably have our own Christmas in LA with stockings, presents and a big roast dinner, then we shall go off to spend time with the president," said the singer and TV star.

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