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Mel C dating co-star?

Mel C practised kissing Matt Cardle off screen before their steamy embrace in their new music video for Loving You.

The former Spice Girls singer gets close to the crooner in the new music video for their single Loving You.

As UK newspaper The Mirror reports, their steamy embrace caused so many heads to turn it was trending on Twitter on Tuesday.

Mel coyly opened up about the clench while speaking to the outlet.

She revealed the singers secretly practiced their smooch in private before getting in front of cameras.

"As they were setting up this particular scene, Matt and I were chatting and I told him I'd never done this before. He was like 'OK, that's cool', and then went off to get changed next door," she recalled.

"Suddenly, I heard him shouting at me to come in. I thought 'Oh, s**t, I've done something wrong.'

"Anyway, he turned to me and said: 'I'm not being funny but it's really weird kissing someone for the first time in front of a room full of people. So, er, do you mind if we practise first?'"

Mel confessed she didn't mind at all.

In fact, she thought the idea was "genius".

"It was lovely... And because it made us all a bit giggly, it really brought us together," she said.

Mel is newly single after breaking up with longtime boyfriend Thomas Starr last year.

Matt split from dancer Sarah Robinson around the same time, The Mirror reports.

Pressed about the status of their relationship, Mel was reluctant to answer.

"So, is there anything going on?" the reporter asked.

After "six seconds of slightly nervous giggling from Mel followed by five seconds of total silence", the star offered a response.

"We are both technically single but I think, in this instance, I should try and maintain a professional relationship... unfortunately!" she mused.

According to the reporter, the pair may still be "an item" despite Mel's public discretion.

However, the singer did admit kissing Matt onscreen wasn't the worst day she's had at work.

"To be fair, it's not a hardship snogging Matt Cardle," she gushed.

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