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Mel Gibson reveals Mad Max confusion

Mel Gibson thought "one of his kids" was on the screen when he watched Mad Max recently.

The 1979 dystopian drama was Mel's breakthrough movie. He spoke about it and the two subsequent films in the franchise at an American Cinematheque event held in Hollywood, where he admitted he feels very removed from the pictures now.

"I managed to catch a glimpse of a big nostril shot up there. I thought it was one of my kids. Yeah, it's 35 years old," he laughed a video of the discussion with Geoff Boucher posted on

In 1985, the third movie Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome hit screens. Singer Tina Turner appeared in it and Mel has recalled how special the experience was.

He enjoyed working with the star, who is famed for her big hair and flamboyant dance moves.

"Tina, she was amazing I was a big fan. I think some of the shine had gone off of her career and she was like doing McDonald's conventions and stuff and it was post Ike [Turner, her ex-husband]. She was just starting to come back after a lull and be bigger than she ever was and she came to work with us and we were pretty chuffed," he explained. "Thunder thighs Tina Turner - she looked really hot in that chainmail negligee. And they called her the grandma. She was amazing and very kind to me, I remember that. I haven't' seen her for a long time, I should call her."

Director George Miller also has a special place in Mel's heart. He has gone on to work in animated films, which the actor enjoys watching with his kids.

"I have a two-year-old now and we sit there and watch Happy Feet 2 and she laughs her head off and I still see George in there in his way, his personality is really imprinted in that," he explained.

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