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Melissa McCarthy bemoans wild status

Melissa McCarthy can't believe how misunderstood she is.

Having portrayed a tough-girl in the films Bridesmaids, The Heat, and in her new comedy, Tammy, Melissa knows her reputation precedes her. However, she's sure people are surprised when they see her true personality.

"I think people sometimes think I'm going to enter a room by kicking a door in, then start swearing and throwing chairs and hit them with a beer bottle," the actress laughed to the British edition of Hello! magazine.

The roles she takes on couldn't be farther from her own character. Although Melissa describes herself as "all over the place" she'd say she's gentle too.

"In real life, I'm actually quite quiet, which sometimes seems to surprise people. I don't swear much and I don't hit people ever and I have never thrown a condiment," she explained.

Melissa's husband, director Ben Falcone, features in her new film, Tammy. She takes on the title role while he portrays Tammy's boss Keith, who falls victim to her rage when she launches ketchup packets at him. But in real life, the couple enjoy each other's company. "He makes me laugh really, really hard like four times a day - truly, I laugh till I see sparkles," joked Melissa.

After marrying in 2005, the pair now have two daughters together; seven-year-old Vivian and four-year-old Georgette. The star ditches the bad-girl act and allows her playful side to come out when she's at home with her family.

"It's not a very serious house, my kids have amazing imaginations and are very much into dressing up in weird costumes right now, which I am all for," she says.

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