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Melissa Rivers: Love’s tribute to Joan was the best

Melissa Rivers thinks her mother Joan would have been mad if she hadn’t accepted her new book deal.

The legendary comedienne died in September last year following complications during a routine medical procedure. Following the news of her death, tributes poured in from celebrities, and now Melissa has recalled how touched she was by people’s kind and often funny words.

“[Courtney Love] put out a post along the lines of 'I haven't finished looking like a mess yet, you can't be gone.' Katy Perry's was 'what's the point of wearing these stupid outfits if Joan isn't around to criticise them?' Those are the ones I loved because it meant they got it - they loved her and saw the humour," she told HuffPost Live. "They understood it wasn't personal and was funny, and the fact that we could talk and joke about you meant you were relevant."

Joan was 81 years old when she died of brain damage caused by a loss of oxygen during a routine outpatient procedure at a medical clinic in New York. Eight months on, Melissa is releasing a book called The Book of Joan: Tales of Mirth, Mischief, and Manipulation.

While she is still grieving for her mother, the 47-year-old believes Joan would have been annoyed if she hadn’t seized the opportunity.

“When I found out [how much I'd get paid] . . . my mother would have killed me if I didn't do it,” she said. “It's the one thing I did right."

Curating the collection of stories, letters, and other mementos in the book "gave me permission to laugh," she added. "It made it okay to laugh and think about good times and funny times when I was writing."

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