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Mena Suvari planning New Year's Eve spiritual clear-out

Mena Suvari gets rid of friends at the start of every New Year if they don't add to her life.

Actress Mena Suvari's friends are on tenterhooks as they await the New Year, because the American Beauty star is planning a clear-out of people who don't benefit her.

Suvari dumped a group of people from her life during a spiritual "weeding my garden" exercise some years ago, and now it's part of her New Year's Eve ritual - as she plans to start 2016 afresh.

The American Pie star admits the ceremony began last year (14) and it was so rewarding, she has decided to do it again on Thursday night (31Dec15).

"My boyfriend and I decided to kind of do a bit more of a spiritual experience and we chose to write down all the things that we didn't want in our lives anymore and then we did this little ceremony where we burned them in a pot," she told U.S. talk show host Meredith Vieira. "It's just the process of kind of, other than just thinking, either vocalising or putting it out there in a different form.

"There was a thing that I went through years ago... and it was all about questioning the people that I had in my life and, 'Were they a good influence on me?' 'Did they love me unconditionally?' 'Did they encourage me to live to my utmost potential?' If they didn't, I made changes."

Earlier this year, Mena opened up about how lucky she felt at this time in her life, as her success and the support she has from those around her has enabled her to give back to those less fortunate.

The star is regularly active in fighting for female empowerment and has also lent her time to other causes such as Starlight Children's Foundation and Circle of Friends, both of which support young people and kids.

"I've been really blessed with what’s been given to me and so I look at is as, whatever I can do to influence someone else’s life, and make things better, then I should do that," she told "I’ve been given so much so I like to give back, for whatever its worth.Things are going in a fantastic direction. I feel really blessed."

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