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Mena Suvari reveals model ambitions

Mena Suvari became an actress because she was too short to be a model.

The 33-year-old star enjoys taking on movie roles, although they weren't her first love. She began modelling when she was 12 and would have loved to remain in the fashion industry.

"I fell into acting because I'm only 5ft. 4ins. so I didn't make the model height! I'm also a pain in the ass when I have to sit down in a chair too long getting made up," she laughed.

Working in Hollywood has given Mena some great opportunities. She worked with Jennifer Aniston on the 2005 movie Rumor Has It and was astounded by how grounded the actress was.

Mena doesn't think she would cope as well if she was in Jennifer's position.

"She's an amazing woman," Mena told Look magazine. "We're both Greek and Aquarians so that was really fun to find out about each other. She's an absolute sweetheart. I can't even imagine having the life she has but she stays so grounded and down to earth."

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