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Meryl Streep: Corden likes to exaggerate

Meryl Streep thinks Emily Blunt may have tripped her over on set in order to act a hero.

The Hollywood legend stars alongside James in new film Into the Woods, a mash-up of numerous fairytales with a musical soundtrack.

James has mentioned in previous interviews that Meryl fell over during rehearsals and how it was co-star Emily Blunt who saved her, not him. However, Meryl remembers events differently.

"James Corden has invented a story in which I hurl myself off the table in first day of rehearsal and he sort of spins ahead in his mind, thinking, 'I was there when Meryl Streep died, in rehearsal,'" she laughed to the BBC.

"I remember flailing around and sort of making a fool of myself early on, and tripping occasionally, which I do. And he says Emily saves my life. But I just don't know who tripped me, so that could have been Emily too, in order to save my life. "

Emily has also been talking about her co-star, and how it can be intimidating working with one of the greats.

The 65-year-old assures young stars there's no reason to feel daunted by her presence, as she makes mistakes just like everybody else.

"I can feel that with younger actors sometimes. But I always screw up, inevitably, the first week. Badly. [I] forget my lines or I just come in a little too early or late, you know, just make mistakes. And then everybody kind of relaxes a bit," she smiled.

After nearly 40 years in the industry and with three Oscars under her belt, Meryl no longer feels nervous around others. But when she was starting out, she was particularly shy around her then-boyfriend's famous friend.

"[Al Pacino] came over to our house and I cooked dinner and I remember my hands were shaking as I made the pasta sauce, I was just so nervous! And my upper lip twitching," she remembered.

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