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Meryl Streep: My husband balances me

Meryl Streep thinks she and her husband Don Gummer complement each other in the best possible way.

The 65-year-old actress has been married to Don Gummer since 1978 and they have four children together. The pair are often asked for the secret to their happy marriage, and Meryl insists it's all down to how complementary their personalities are.

"We're kind of the perfect odd couple. Don is a man of few words - I'm the one who keeps up a constant stream of chatter in the house. He listens very patiently and then goes back to his work," she laughed to British magazine Hello! "He also loves me as I am, eager and overactive, even at my age. He's the definition of the introverted and introspective artist. I'm very expressive and more exuberant. We complement each other beautifully that way."

Meryl is famed for the 19 Oscar nominations she has received over her career, and winning three of those, but she still feels she is unfairly judged against men on some occasions.

For example, as far as she's concerned there is no reason to be asked whether she worries about having sacrificed her personal life for her professional success. Not only does she not feel that way, she doubts any man in a similar position would ever be faced with the query.

"There's a bias against women when it comes to discussing the idea of making sacrifices. That question doesn't always arise when it comes to men - a man has always been seen as someone who works hard and has a full-time occupation," she said. "Women should not have any stigma attached to them if they choose to pursue careers. Life is all about making choices and I'm very happy with mine. I have had a wonderful time raising four children and I've also been lucky to have the support of a wonderful husband. Being with my husband and my children always brought me the greatest joy and happiness in life."

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