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Metcalfe bored of marriage rumours

Jesse Metcalfe is tired of hearing rumours he is getting married.

The 35-year-old actor has been dating Cara Santana for several years and there have been constant rumours about their wedding plans. Last year it was claimed the star had got down on one knee and he was upset that so many people believed the story.

"For me, there's been a very gradual shift especially in the past year. It's taken time, but I'm starting to wrap my mind around embarking on the next chapter of my life. Stories have been going around for many years saying I'm engaged and somehow they've stuck, but I'm not engaged, I'm very happily in a long-term relationship that certainly seems to be heading that way though," he told British magazine Cosmopolitan. "We were both a bit disappointed with the momentum that rumour got because we thought it would take away from the special moment when I did propose, but now we're thinking people won't notice when I do."

Jesse sees engagement as a huge commitment, which is why he will only ask his girlfriend to be his wife when the moment is right. He only wants to propose once in his life and thinks many men feel the same.

"We have to at least feel as though we're coming upon it on our own and not being pressured, even though there are probably so many levels of subterfuge going on," he laughed.

The star and his partner enjoy dates to the movies and going on holiday together. They recently vacationed in Mexico which he found "romantic", even though their dog Dexter was with them. The pooch is a Jack Russell and caring for him has made Jesse think about having a family.

"Well, taking him to Mexico and seeing him run around the beach was kinda like seeing your child experience that for the first time - we had a laugh about it!" he recalled. "People have told me that the way I am with the dog makes them believe I'll be a really good father, so that's nice to hear. When I'm ready to embark on that journey, I'll do it with confidence, knowing I'm a good daddy to Dexter the dog."

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