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M.I.A.: Florence Welch is awesome

M.I.A. was left speechless after hearing Florence Welch has a "girl crush" on her.

Last month, the Florence + the Machine star admitted she is a huge fan of the British artist and cited the promo for M.I.A.'s track Bad Girls as one of the best ever made.

M.I.A. attended the Versace haute couture runway show in Paris yesterday, where she was astounded to hear how much Florence admires her.

"She does? Really?" she told WWD, when told that Florence has a "girl crush" on her. "Well, that's interesting. She's awesome, I love her. I didn't know that though, so I don't know what to say. I'll be tweeting her tonight."

A host of stars flocked to see the presentation, among them Glee stars Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Matthew Morrison.

Lea and Cory have been touring Europe recently, which got the actress reminiscing about a trip she made to the UK when she finished school. The 25-year-old has enjoyed things a lot more this time around.

"I like this one better, trust me. I wasn't staying at the Ritz when I was in high school. I remember some pretty bad hotels," she laughed.

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