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Michael B. Jordan: Sly's not shy

Michael B. Jordan knew Sylvester Stallone still had it when he started boxing during a meeting.

The action hero has been filming new flick Creed, the latest in the Rocky franchise. It follows Adonis Creed, played by Michael B. Jordan, an aspiring boxer who gets mentored by Rocky Balboa.

Working alongside Sylvester meant there was never a dull moment on set for Michael.

"He started to show me how to shadow box right there in his office. He hit me a body blow and I was like, 'Damn, he still got some bite!' he was a great collaborator. We were constantly working together to make scenes better. He's got a crazy work ethic, crazy energy. Rocky is such a huge part of his life, he's got so many stories, always something entertaining going on with that guy. And he's got no filter at all. He'll tell you anything," Michael laughed to Empire, refusing to divulge any more.

To get into fighting shape for the film, Michael trained as a boxer for a year. The Fantastic Four actor relished the chance to work with real sportsmen, even if that did leave him battered and bruised.

"I got to learn from the best and I got my ass kicked by the best," he smiled.

"Sure. I like to be 'method'. If I'm playing a fighter, treat me like a fighter. I wanted full contact, as much as Ryan [Coogler, director] and the insurance company would allow. And it's a Rocky movie - you can't half-ass it, know what I mean?"

Creed hits cinemas this November.

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