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Michael Bay: Attacker was high

Michael Bay has opened up about being set upon while shooting the new Transformers movie.

The director was set upon by a local man in October while filming the fourth installment of the movie franchise in Hong Kong.

Michael, 48, was trying to film a scene in the harbour when the guy approached and tried to hit him.

"It was bizarre," he said during an interview with British magazine Empire. "He was high on drugs or something so I told my crew to keep away from him but he kept coming back.

"He came up to me and tried to hit me with this air conditioner but he was so high I was able to duck and grab him by the throat and push him back."

Michael believes that the man, along with two others, were not happy with the money the production had paid to local shopkeepers for the inconvenience of filming.

According to the director, they decided they could extort more cash by disrupting the shoot.

"The police spoke to him and even tried to call his mother to embarrass him!" he recalls.

"I was just angry that he was stopping us shooting. We even closed down for an hour but then he came back."

The man was eventually reprimanded by Special Forces on set and taken away by police.

Transformers: Age of Extinction, which stars Mark Wahlberg, is scheduled for release next summer.

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