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Michael Bublé on his son’s ‘poop genius’

Michael Bublé thinks “everything is cute” about his 20-month-old little boy Noah.

The 39-year-old singer shares little Noah with Argentinian model-and-actress Luisana Lopilato, who he married in 2011.

Watching his boy grow up is Michael’s greatest joy and even the gross parts of parenthood appeals to him.

“He’s one year and eight months [old], and when he poops, I feel like he’s a genius — no other kid can poop the way that he does,” Michael told People magazine.

The It’s a Beautiful Day singer claimed he and wife Luisana grow fonder of Noah each day.

Michael is just enamoured by each action their son takes.

“Everything is cute. He’s the best. What I like is, I ask him to do this face. I say, ‘Cara dulce,’ which means, ‘Do your sweet face.’ And he does this cute little face,” he gushed. “The kid kills me.”

Michael and Luisana are hoping to welcome even more tykes into the their family in the future.

And the couple have thought of several ways to expand their brood.

“Me and my wife would really love to have three or four, five [kids], if we’re blessed to do that,” Michael said. “And if we can’t do it naturally, then we’ll do it another way — we’ll adopt.”

The musician dated British actress Emily Blunt from 2005 to 2008, but the pair ended their engagement amid rumours Michael had been unfaithful.

The very public and painful breakup with Emily has Michael thinking about the way his behaviour will impact his son Noah’s future choices constantly.

"Before I do something or say something stupid I try to think how he'll feel about that when he's old enough to read or see it," he noted during a three-part interview with entertainment show eTalk. "And there's things I've done in the past and it's too late, but I can try and make sure I keep that in mind."

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