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Michael Caine: ‘My best love scene was with Christian Bale!’

Michael Caine is “obsessed” with his grandchildren, and tries to spend as much time with them as possible when he’s not working.

Michael Caine’s favourite love scene on film has been with Christian Bale as Batman.

The legendary British actor starred as the superhero’s trusted butler Alfred Pennyworth in The Dark Knight Rises, and one particular scene with Christian has remained in the 82-year-old’s mind.

“A journalist the other day said to me, ‘What's the best love scene you ever had?’ So I'm thinking,” he recalled to podcast The Frame. ‘He said, ‘I'll tell you the best love scene I think you ever had.’ So I said, ‘What was it?’ He said, ‘When you said 'good-bye' to Batman in The Dark Knight Rises. That was an incredible love scene.’ And I said, you know, I can't think of a love scene that I did with a lady that was better than that.”

Michael has starred in over 85 movies during his long career, including Alfie, Zulu and The Cider House Rules, and while he considers himself retired, he does still make movies that prick his interest, such as his latest film, Youth.

“As I've gone along, I've tried to find parts that are as far from me — mentally, socially, professionally — as possible,” he explained. “Coming from a working-class background in England to play a classical-music composer and conductor, as I do in Youth, that's a very long way away. And playing a man with a stigma in his soul about what has happened to him, which he never reveals until the end? I've never had that emotion.

“I've been happily married for years and years, and I have children and grandchildren, and I'm very happy. So, that was a test for me.”

In fact, Michael loves nothing more than spending time with his grandchildren, and credits them with his new healthy lifestyle.

“I have three grandchildren now with whom I am obsessed,” he smiled. “I have that in my life and it's had a good effect on me, because some of my unhealthy habits, like drinking a bit too much vodka or eating badly, I've changed all of those. I'm trying to stay alive and be with them as long as possible.”

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