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Michael Cera: Murray's the main man

Michael Cera says Ghostbusters “shaped” his view of the world.

The 24-year-old actor was a huge fan of iconic comic star Bill. He first realised his desire to make movies after watching Bill in the cult classic Ghostbusters as a child.

“He was someone I loved from three years old. He was like Father Christmas or something. Ghostbusters shaped my world-view. I think the truth is, for anyone born after 1985 – he is the guy!” Michael said in an interview with British newspaper The Independent. “I was nine years old and acting just felt like a game. I was following this impulse and it was fun. When I saw Ghostbusters for the first time, I realised that these guys were playing a game and it was a job that you could have.”

Michael claims he can still recite every line from the comedy and believes Bill remains the funniest person in the world.

The Superbad star has recalled meeting his idol for the first time. He says Bill gave him some valuable career advice.

“I met Bill very briefly, it was great. We had a five-minute conversation. It was right before I went to make a movie called Crystal Fairy,” he explained. “I told him I was going to Chile to make a movie that involved taking mescaline and being in the desert and I was really nervous about it. He said to me: 'Don't worry about it, if you get arrested, it doesn't mean anything.'”

Michael has developed a reputation for appearing in successful comedy movies, with roles in hits such as Juno, Youth in Revolt and most recently This is the End. The star is happy to have benefited from the recent Hollywood fascination with quirky geeks and embraces being typecast.

“Look at me, I'm a dweeb,” he laughed.

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