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Michael Douglas ‘feeling good’

Actor Michael Douglas, 68, reveals that he is feeling healthy and vigorous following a recent six-month cancer check up.

The 68-year-old actor, who is married to Catherine Zeta-Jones, was diagnosed with stage IV throat cancer in 2010.

Michael has been free from the malady since 2011.

Still, he regularly visits the doctor to ensure that the fatal tumorous illness does not return.

Michael is happy to report that he remains cancer-free.

"So far everything is good,” he told USA Today.

“I just finished my six-month check up a couple of days ago.”

Michael has immersed himself in work of late.

The industrious thespian plays Liberace in HBO’s upcoming TV movie Behind the Candelabra, where he famously shares a smooch with Matt Damon onscreen.

His new comedy Last Vegas will reach theatres in November.

Michael appreciates all of the professional activity going on in his life, as it keeps him focused on remaining robust.

“I'm working a lot,” he said. “I just happened on some good material.”

Michael spoke about his experience battling cancer previously.

Stage IV is the most advanced of the disease and if he waited any longer to get it treated, he may not have survived.

“I found an ear nose and throat doctor in Montreal. He literally opened my mouth and took a tongue impression and I’ll never forget the moment when he looked up at me and looked back down and I knew,” he told Alec Baldwin, for an interview on radio station WNYC in 2011.

“I thought maybe it was from tension, from the part where you haven’t placed your voice and how you are swallowing your words and you are speaking from the back of your throat.

“The reality is that if I had been checked back in Jan for head and neck cancer this could have all happened a lot early and the thing with cancer is you want to get it as early as you can,” he added.

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