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Michael Douglas’ reptile Xmas gift

Michael Douglas’ most incredible Christmas gift was an 11-foot snake.

The actor’s dad is veteran star Kirk Douglas, who had an unusual idea of the perfect festive treat for his son when he was little. Michael can vividly remember how shocked he was when he opened a burlap bag and the 11-foot bullsnake wriggled its way out.

“My mom nearly fainted. It ate mice and raw eggs - in their shells,” he laughed to New York Post.

While the young Michael might have been thrilled with his gift, his mother was less impressed and the snake soon went to a new home.

Robert Redford also gave some memories of Christmas, although his weren’t as jolly as Michael’s. Rather than focusing on spending time with family, the plethora of delicious food munched during the season or all the fun parties he has been invited to, the 77-year-old star could only think of less enjoyable moments.

“Christmas means months of hypnotic advertising, bell jingling, Muzak carols, overcrowded stores and last-minute treks among bruised shards of remaining bargains already depleted,” he said.

Daniel Radcliffe’s favourite gift was a Transformers set, which he recalls feeling so excited about he thought his head would explode.

Hugh Jackman’s strongest Christmas memory isn’t quite as nice, although he can laugh about it now.

“I actually met Santa Claus in a tent. There were five kids in our family and my father took us camping so there were six of us in a five-man tent. I remember we were in Adelaide and it rained the whole time. Like all kids, I was terrified of seeing Santa, because then Santa won't leave you gifts. Unfortunately Santa trod on my hair. I remember looking right up at him from a view point that no one really needs to see Santa. That's probably the most indelible memory I have,” he laughed to

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