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Michael Fassbender: Partners should be equal

Michael Fassbender is attracted to "strong" women.

The actor is currently dating his Shame co-star Nicole Beharie. Michael, who played a sex addict in the critically-acclaimed film, has revealed he prefers smart, bold partners.

"I like strong women like my girlfriend Nicole. I love her confidence, she's an equal partner," he told German magazine Joy.

Michael has been enjoying mainstream success in recent years, and is currently starring in the science-fiction blockbuster Prometheus. Despite being promoted to the Hollywood A-List, the actor has no real interest in the life of a celebrity.

"I'm 35, ten years ago I would have been impressed by fame. Today that doesn't interest me anymore," he explained. "Fame isn't something which brings me great pleasure."

However, he did concede that the life of a famous star does have its perks, especially on a personal level.

"It's a wonderful experience to stand beside Michael Schumacher when he got into his race car at the Grand Prix in Monaco. That was a childhood dream of mine, for 20 years I dreamt of that!" Michael laughed.

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