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Michael Fassbender reveals school embarrassment

Michael Fassbender's most embarrassing moment was wetting himself at school.

The Prometheus star confessed the bladder weakness he suffered when he was younger is still cringe-inducing for him to remember now. His only conciliation is that others were just as mortified at the time.

"My most embarrassing moment would be when I peed my pants," Michael told German magazine Für Sie. "I was about seven years old: the teacher wouldn't let me go to the toilet we were only allowed to go in the big breaks. Afterwards she gave out tests and I had to go to the desk. I couldn't hold it anymore. She was probably even more ashamed than me."

The actor has also opened up about his pet hates. Michael finds taxi drivers who do not know where they are going irritating and also dislikes being interrupted when he is eating.

"I'm annoyed by cab drivers who I have to explain the way!" Michael rants. "And over-enthusiastic waiters who keep wanting to rip your plate off though you are not finished. What is nicer than to enjoy a good meal in peace?"

Despite being an A-list star who appears in movies alongside the likes of Charlize Theron, Michael admits getting star struck himself. He described a particularly humbling moment when he met one of his all-time sporting heroes.

"I went to the Grand Prix in Monaco recently and Michael Schumacher and I shook hands before he entered his car," Michael remembers fondly. "I felt like a little boy on Christmas. Otherwise I'm very down to earth."

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