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Michael Keaton: I need stimulation

Michael Keaton gets bored easily so avoids playing similar roles on the big screen.

The 63-year-old actor is currently creating award buzz thanks to his role as Riggan in Birdman, which has already earned him best actor nominations at next year’s Golden Globes and SAGs. Riggan is a filmstar who became famous for portraying a superhero on screen, but is now determined to prove himself as a serious actor on the stage.

Birdman stands out with its unique approach to shooting as it feels like one long scene, and Michael thrived in such a challenging environment.

“Yeah, [Birdman] may end up being my favourite just in terms of how it was made, the physicality of making it. It’s fun to try difficult things,” he told the BBC.

“I have a weird job because any job you get excited by something… by it being difficult. I don’t know what that… maybe everyone thinks of that, I don’t know. You tend to get really lazy and there’s no room to be lazy, so you know. Then all of a sudden cold water gets thrown on a part of your brain, makes you wake up and get a little frightened and go, I’ve got to go back to work here.”

Many would argue Riggan’s career resembles that of Michael’s, who previously portrayed Batman in Tim Burton’s Batman and Batman Returns. However, he has gone on to avoid being pigeonholed, appearing in horror flick White Noise and action film RoboCop.

“First of all one should be so lucky to even get to make a living doing this, so when people say, ‘Well that actor basically does that…’ you know, it’s a fortunate thing to even have a gig,” he said of others’ opinions of him.

“I just get bored easily, I bore myself easily, and it’s more fun to at least try to not play the same thing all the time. You’re lucky to even make a living doing this. So to get to do all those things is crazy.”

When asked if he feels lucky Michael insisted he doesn’t believe in the notion, but he does have faith in good fortune.

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