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Michael Lohan: Dina’s dishonest

Lindsay Lohan’s father Michael says he thinks his ex-wife is in a “sad” state of affairs following their explosive verbal altercation on a US talk show this week.

The father and mother of Lindsay Lohan engaged in an explosive verbal altercation while taping US talk show The Test. Apparently the former spouses were feuding about infidelity, Lindsay’s criminal history and numerous other family problems.

The Test is a conflict-resolution programme that resolves issues through both DNA and lie detector tests.

It is reported Dina refused to take any of these tests.

Michael is disappointed by her decision.

“It’s really, really sad that Dina couldn’t be forthright and be honest,” he told Radar Online. “It’s a shame that although I took not only the lie detector and urine test she refused to take both.”

He also revealed Dina called security after their heated argument to escort her off the set.

Their daughter Lindsay is currently in rehab facility the Betty Ford Center in Rancho Mirage, California.

She is seeking court-ordered treatment for the sixth time after pleading no contest to reckless driving and lying to police in relation to a June 2012 California car crash.

As part of her 90-day stint her relatives have been invited to participate in family counselling.

Family therapy begins this weekend at the Betty Ford Center, but following the dispute between Michael and Dina it is unknown whether Lindsay’s parents will occupy the same room together.

Apparently Michael fears his ex-wife will try to bar him from the facility.

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