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Michael Lohan to release book?

Michael Lohan is reportedly planning to write a book to rival his ex-wife Dina Lohan's.

The father of troubled actress Lindsay Lohan has been locked in a bitter dispute with his ex-wife and the star's mother Dina over her plans to release a tome. He apparently refused to allow her to reveal many details of their life together as there was a gag order put in place when they formally split.

However, it's now being claimed he has reconsidered his position.

"But now we're told Michael struck a deal with Dina's publishers at Birdstreet Books - he'll sign a legal doc releasing Dina from the gag order... if the company gives him his own book deal," reports TMZ.

It's suggested bosses at the publishing company are excited by the prospect of getting two books which lift the lid on one of Hollywood's most polarising figures. A contract is already thought to have been created for Michael, although he remains unsure whether it is the best he can command. He reportedly believes he could make even more money from a book, so is waiting to sign to see if the figure will be upped.

News of Dina's book was first reported in September, with claims it would reveal what it is like to mother one of the most famous young actresses of a generation. Bird Street Books claimed it was a way for Dina to "address the rumours, misinformation and unsubstantiated stories" about her loved ones.

Lindsay has been surrounded by controversy for years thanks to her multiple rehab stints and brushes with the law. Her latest stay in a treatment facility was court-ordered in relation to a car crash she was involved in and upon completion last year she insisted she was turning her life around. She has work in the pipeline now and is also shooting a reality TV show for Oprah Winfrey's network.

Dina confirmed her book was complete in January and insisted her 27-year-old daughter was rooting for her.

"She is supportive of my book as well as my other three children," she said.

Lindsay has a difficult relationship with Michael and has gone through periods when she didn't have contact with him.

In 2009 the pair fell out after he released recordings he'd made of her private voicemails to him. She was heard sobbing and claiming no one loved her and he claimed he made them public to show she needed professional help.

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