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Michael Shannon: Friends is like a tattoo

Michael Shannon doesn't think David Schwimmer will ever be able to put his Friends role fully behind him.

The actor portrays real-life contract killer Richard Kuklinski in The Iceman, where David Schwimmer has a supporting role. David remains most famous for starring as Ross Geller in Friends, which Michael believes is a difficult role to put behind him.

"It's like getting a tattoo on your face. I don't think that will ever go away. That show is always playing, but he never complains about it, which I think is wise," Michael told Shortlist magazine.

"It was funny seeing him made up like that, but he took it seriously, he really wanted to be involved. He even went out and got contact lenses to make his eyes the right colour."

The Iceman has an all-star cast, with Winona Ryder, Ray Liotta and Chris Evans also featuring.

Ray is famed for playing creepy characters, some of which had a huge impact on Michael when he was growing up. Even though he's now 38, Michael was worried the feelings might rise to the surface during the shoot.

"Well, Ray has always scared the c**p out of me, ever since [1986's] Something Wild. I remember watching that and thinking, 'That is the scariest human being I've ever seen in my life,'" he laughed.

"Ray likes to keep people on their toes, so you never really know what he's going to do from take to take. He's not an ass about it, he's not slapping you or anything, but he's an electric presence. It's like he's got electricity inside him or something."

Michael played Agent Nelson Van Alden in TV show Boardwalk Empire and will also hit the big screen in the new Superman movie Man of Steel this summer. He's getting used to being approached by fans, but is considering drastic steps to ensure he isn't instantly recognisable.

"I need to get some disguises, I don't want to drive around town - I like to walk and take the subway," he said.

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