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Michael Shannon ‘moved by dignity’

Michael Shannon finds prejudice infuriating and he is particularly rattled by homophobia.

(Cover) - EN Showbiz - Michael Shannon is “totally moved” by authentic expressions of dignity.

The 41-year-old actor portrays policeman Dane Wells in biographical drama Freeheld, a film adaptation of the real-life narrative about Laurel Hester, a New Jersey cop with terminal lung cancer who battles to ensure her pension is delivered to same sex partner Stacie Andree.

After watching the 2007 documentary on the subject, which is also titled Freeheld, Michael jumped at the chance to star in the movie, especially since his close relative is impacted directly by homophobia.

“Again, it goes back to how this conversation started. I’ve been looking to do things that defy people’s expectations of what I do. Honestly, at the end of the day, I do it because it moves me the same way it moves anyone else. I saw the documentary and I was totally moved by it,” he told Ain’t It Cool. “My eldest sister is gay, and she’s married, and they’ve adopted two kids, and the thought of something like that happening to her makes me furious. It was an opportunity to make something that could mean something to her, which is nice.”

It seems many of Michael’s recent movie projects are tied to his family somehow.

He also stars as ruthless real estate businessman in 99 Homes, which centres on a unique story surrounding the housing bubble financial crisis that contributed to America’s 2008 recession.

While speaking with Page Six in September (15), the actor spoke of how his sibling managed to become a homeowner despite America’s difficult housing market.

“I think how much it costs to buy places in New York is really stupid,” Michael said. “My sister just bought a place in New Orleans for $245,000. A three-bedroom house. I said, ‘In New York that would probably get you a 5-gallon drum, if you’re lucky’ . . . I think it’s idiotic.”

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