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Michelle Pfeiffer: I'm the Hulk

Michelle Pfeiffer once broke a toothbrush when she was angry.

The actress plays fierce mafia mother Maggie Blake in her latest film The Family.

Michelle sometimes struggles to keep her temper under wraps in real life too and once took her anger out on an everyday appliance.

"I smashed my electric toothbrush the other day in a fit of rage! It was just the head!" she laughed to British magazine Total Film. "I don't know what I was mad about, but I was stressed and having a bad day... and I just slammed it in the sink. I'm just like the Hulk!"

The 55-year-old star previously took a four-year hiatus from acting to focus on her family. She and her husband David E. Kelly have one adopted daughter, Claudia, and son John together.

Even though she missed out on some big jobs during her break, Michelle didn't lament the decision.

"I don't regret [the hiatus] at all," she added. "There's a saying - nobody sits on their death bed and says: 'I wish I'd been at the office!'"

Since her return to the movies in 2007, Michelle still thinks there aren't enough strong female roles in Hollywood. She believes the market is tougher now than ever.

"I think that there are some good parts. I wish there were more for all of us. But I think all actors wish there were more parts," she sighed.

"Now, with the economy, there are fewer films being made. So it's not just actresses that are feeling it. I know actresses in their thirties who are yelling at their agents that they're not getting enough good scripts."

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