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Michelle Williams: Folding laundry is relaxing

Michelle Williams feels “peaceful” when she is folding laundry.

Despite being one of the brightest talents in Hollywood, the actress loves nothing more than doing household chores and spending time with her daughter Matilda. Michelle famously played screen icon Marilyn Monroe in My Week with Marilyn, but insists she wouldn’t swap her life with anyone.

“There’s nobody I secretly dream of becoming,” she said in an interview with Stylist. “I just fit into someone else’s world. I’m just content to be part of someone else’s vision. I just wait and see what opportunities come to me. In fact I have a burning desire to stay home and fold laundry and occasionally a piece of work catches my eye and rips me from the laundry pile. But I’m more peaceful, happier, more myself, and better suited to folding laundry.”

Michelle is a devoted mom to seven-year-old Matilda, her daughter with late actor Heath Ledger. The star – who is recently believed to have split from comic actor Jason Segel - is open to the idea of having more kids, but for now is happy raising Matilda.

“I’m amazed I only have one. I feel there must be a brood of dirty-clothes-makers living under the stairs, but I’m very content,” she explained. “I’m full of fascination for my daughter and I don’t feel a lack in my life. My daughter is enough for this lifetime and many others, but if I had more? Either way would be OK. Right now she’s my world; she is the most interesting person to me in any room. When I’m not with her, I’m thinking about her.”

The 32-year-old star has previously revealed she wanted to be a boxer when she was younger and grew up watching Mike Tyson in the ring.

Michelle says there are many childhood pursuits that she wishes she had time for now, including skating and reading.

“Boxing. I used to play dress up a lot as a kid, but I get to do that now. And I really loved horseback riding but now my kid does that, so in a way I’m still doing it,” she smiled. “I wish there was more time. Adult life means more responsibilities. I wish I could spend a day with a book and sit under a tree or go roller skating. I like to roller skate in a circle and listen to music. I drive a car to and from school and ballet, so I’m still going in a circle.”

Michelle also admitted she has never felt her true age, but is “happy” to be in her 30s as she has learnt to open up more and is less affected by “negativity”.

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