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Michelle Williams: Music inspires me

Michelle Williams listens to music if she's feeling "scared or uninspired".

The American actress is a big fan of records and tends to veer towards singer/songwriters. If ever things are hard or not going to plan in her life, she puts on an album and it immediately makes her feel better.

"If I'm feeling scared or uninspired, all I have to do is turn on music and it energises me. It makes me want to go to work. Music changes your molecule and emotional structure. That's how much it can affect your mood," she explained.

The star also discussed her favourite tunes and the lyrics which have moved her the most.

The 31-year-old picked a track by Neil Young as one which has helped her when times have seemed dark.

"'Lover, there will be another, who'll hover over you beneath the sun, tomorrow see the things that never come, today' This is from Neil Young's Birds. I love everything Neil Young - and Leonard Cohen - have ever written. Both are brilliant lyricists," she told the latest UK edition of Elle.

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